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What's in Ai for Your Business?

This ebook is a comprehensive guide to help you understand the benefits of implementing Ai-powered solutions in your lead generation and sales processes. 

Real Time Data Analysis & Predictive Marketing

How unleashing the power of big data can bring your business closer to its audience and increase revenue and profits.

Market Intelligence & Competitive Intelligence

Why users' and competitors' growing digital footprint is your most valuable source of intelligence and how it can empower your teams to sell smarter and better.

Intelligent Behavioral Marketing

Why it ultimately comes down to understanding and responding to users' behavior to stay on message and relevant.

Ai-Powered Tools

A selection of smart tools to increase visibility, develop impactful content, lower PPC spend, and fatten your bottomline.

Where to Start

Is Ai right for your business? Is your organization and are your people ready for it? When do you know it's time to hop on the smart train?

Trust the Numbers

Beyond our experience in the field, we're backing our recommendations with numbers from trusted sources like Gartner, Crayon, Bright Edge, and more.

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What Data Experts Have to Say

The biggest challenge content marketers face is identifying which elements of their content marketing strategy are generating results. Prior to AI, it was near impossible for content marketers to identify, produce and measure content (of all types) that would produce results consistently.

Bradley Silver

CEO - Atomic Reach

Even though today’s immature AI technology isn’t perfect, it’s enough to eke out a 10-20% efficiency increase over legacy tools. In a winner-takes-all market like SEO, being slightly better than your competitors is all it takes to make an enormous difference in your ROI.

Matthew Bentley

CanIRank Founder & Chief Scientist

We believe AI is at its most useful when it improves human work, not replace it. An ex-colleague of ours used to compare AI to a power drill. Sure, you can drill holes by hand, but when you use it well, a power drill saves you time and gives you better results.

Étienne Garbugli

Highlights Co-founder

Decisions without data are fundamentally incorrect. Decisions made using data have a chance of being correct. Decisions leveraging the intelligent use of data analytics are rarely if ever wrong

Jay Winter

Kennametal Senior Data Analyst

Those who get ahead in this labyrinth of data and consumer trends aren’t necessarily geniuses: they’re just smart enough to outsource their marketing intelligence to something super-human.

Giovanni Letellier

SiO Digital Founder & CEO

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